Waste Services

As of October 31st, 2018, Republic Services has taken over the district contract of waste management services from Waste Management

Republic Services Customer Service: (972) 316-0789

Trash Collection: Every Thursday

Recycling Collection: Every other Thursday

February Recycling Days: 7th & 21st

To view the recycling schedule, please visit our calendar.

Collection Times: 7 AM – 7 PM

Bulk Trash

  • Up to 2 Cubic Yards: Republic Services will recover up to 2 cubic yards of bulk waste from your home on collection day (Thursday’s).
  • Up to 5 Cubic Yards: DCFWSD 8C’s contract with WM allows residents to visit the 
  • Contractor’s DFW Landfill in Lewisville to dispose of up to 5 cubic yards of waste once a month. Residents will need to bring their water utility bill and  a photo ID to receive this free service.
    • Contractor’s DFW Landfill, 1600 Railroad St, Lewisville, TX    Phone: (972) 315-5421

Landfill DFW address:

DFW Landfill, 1600 S Railroad St, Lewisville, TX

(866) 909-4458

FAQ’s – Republic Services Changeover

What changes in services will we see?

There will be no change in service. The only visible change will be the trucks will eventually be painted blue instead of Green.

Will there be an opportunity to renew current agreements?

After the transition we will begin discussion of renewals with the 2019 expirations.

What happens to the at your door service?

Republic Services will contract with at your door during the transition period before moving to the Republic Service provider.

Are the same drivers going to service the district?

Republic Services will begin the hiring process with all employees that apply after the contract assignments have been completed. It is our intent to hire all employees that complete the process.

Are you using the same trucks?

We will use a mix of our own trucks and trucks we are acquiring from WM. The trucks we are purchasing will be rebranded after the close of the sale.

Will Republic take over the billing for residential customers?

RS will assume all commercial billing that WM currently provides. Residential billing will be handled by Frisco West WCIDDC

If we have landfill usage as part of the agreement will we still be able to use the landfill? Will you change landfills?

Landfill use will still be available at the same location to residents. If the landfill change becomes necessary we will communicate ahead of time.

Will the phone number to customer service change?

Both IT departments are working on transferring the telephone numbers residents/business currently use.

How will customers know how to reach Republic?

Customers will still call the same numbers currently and we will provide transition information to cities/towns.

What happens to a customer that has a roll-off container?

Customer will be serviced by RS and during the transition period the container will change to Republic container.

Are route supervisors going to be the same?

RS intent is to hire all employees that apply and pass the vetting process.

Where will recycle material go after it's collected?

In the short term we will take the material to the WM  facility, after the new RS Plano facility opens the material will shift to Plano. Unless the city has a contract for recycle processing in place with another vendor.

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New Water Billing System Update
Good Afternoon Neighbors! Over the past few weeks our new water billing system has been rolling out. Just a friendly reminder bills are due on the 20th of the month (as always). If you are on bank drafted payments you do NOT need to do anything else. Some of you have noticed that there is an option to sign up for “reoccurring payments.” This is for credit card payments ONLY. Please do not sign up for this if you are already signed up for Bank drafts because the money will be pulled twice. If you are on Bank Draft but prefer to pay through reoccurring credit card payments, contact our water department. Please be advised, that paying by card will incur a service fee, whereas bank draft payments do not have any service fees associated with them. Also, if you are on bank draft payments and you received an email stating that your bill is due soon, you can disregard it. Bank Draft pulls the money the day the bill is due. If you want to sign up for ACH (Bank Draft) you must fill out the form and being a voided check to the office. As always, you can still pay by check or money order in the by mail, in the drop box (located by the Frisco Ranch Pool), or in person at our temporary office location on 380.
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