Moving Out

Request Cancellation of Services

To cancel water, sewer and trash services please fill out the form below. Frisco West WCIDDC cannot disconnect services on weekend or holidays. We must be notified at least one business day in advance to schedule disconnection of services. 

When will I receive my final bill?

Your final bill will be posted with the next billing cycle. Bills are posted by the 5th of each month.

When will I receive the refund for my water deposit?

The $70.00 water security deposit will be applied to your utility account when the account is closed. This amount will be first applied to the final billed charges or any past due balance. After the final charges are deducted, if there is still a credit balance on the account, please allow 6  8 weeks to receive a check via mail to the forwarding address that was provided.

What do I do with my trash and recycling bins?

Please leave the trash and recycling bins with the home upon move-out. We recommend storing the bins in the garage for the new residents.

Do I need to contact CWD Community Waste Disposal about canceling my trash and recycling services?

No, you will not need to contact CWD Community Waste Disposal. You will only need to contact our office to request disconnection of all three services (water, sewer and trash).

To cancel utility services, click HERE

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