Please review the below message from CWD regarding safe disposal practices:

To help keep the potential spread of contamination to a minimum, please take the time to ensure ALL TRASH is BAGGED AND TIED before it gets thrown in your cart. By doing this, you are not only keeping stray tresh from escaping your cart and from our trucks, but you are helping to ensure you, your family, your neighbors, and your trash collectors do not come in contact with potentially contaminated items.

Additionally, sanitize your trash and recycling cart handle(s) prior to and after service.

If you are possibly infected, wait four (4) days before setting out trash and recyclables for collections.

As always, recyclables should be empty and clean prior to throwing them directly into your blue recycling cart.

If you have questions regarding your trash and recycling services, please contact CWD Customer Service at (972) 392-9300 (Option 2).


Thank you,

Frisco West