Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 8-C has received information that a company has advertised water testing services for water customers in Frisco Ranch, The Preserve and Frisco Hills.

Companies claiming that the drinking water needs to be tested by an outside source are usually trying to sell consumers an unnecessary and expensive filtration system for their home.

The flyer asked for information such as:

  • Do you own or do not own the property?
  • Number of adults and children in the household
  • Year home purchased/year home built

The above questions are directly sales related and are not necessary in legitimate water quality testing performed by DCFWSD 8C. Our office contacted this company and they stated that they do “independent testing and are not affiliated with the state of Texas”.

The first initial test is free, the representative told our staff. If a resident would like additional testing, a technician would come to the home and “bring a portal lab to conduct 3-4 scientific tests and 3-4 practical tests”. They would not answer what those in-home tests would test for, only that “the tests conducted will be done to address any concerns.”

Consumers are warned to beware in-home testing in this manner. While DCFWSD 8C encourages residents to keep watch on their water quality, we urge residents to reach out directly to the water operator, licensed by the state of Texas, with any water quality concerns. From there, testing can be performed on site with calibrated equipment and, if necessary, samples will be taken at the property and sent to a Texas state approved lab for further testing and analysis.

DCFWSD 8C tests its water on a regular basis and is tested by a private laboratory that is certified by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The 2017 Annual Water Quality Report (CCR) confirms that the water DCFWSD 8C delivers to the community exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Your water quality and safety is our top priority.