Bobcat Safety

Bobcats Do’s and Dont’s

Bobcats are thriving in urban areas throughout the United States. Because of their small size, bobcats are NOT a threat to humans of any age. Bobcats eat rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels and birds. It’s normal for bobcats to be active both during daylight hours and at night.

Bobcats live in varied habitats. In urban areas, they often den under decks and sheds. In undeveloped areas, they den in rock crevices and hollow logs. Their territories vary with food supply, averaging 4 to 15 square miles.

If you share your yard peacefully with a resident bobcat, it will provide excellent, chemical-free rodent control. For those who prefer not to see a bobcat in their yard, here are three simple, effective steps:

1.Never leave pet food outside and restrict the use of birdseed. Bobcats are attracted to the birds and rodents that eat at bird feeders.

2.If you have a deck or shed, install an L-shaped barrier around the base to prevent the bobcat from denning underneath it.

3.If a bobcat enters your yard, actively discourage it by making loud noises, throwing sticks or spraying water from a garden hose to teach it to stay away.

Trapping and relocating bobcats is neither humane nor effective:

  • Several studies have shown that relocated animals have a low rate of survival.
  • If the relocated animal is a lactating female, the juveniles left behind will die of starvation.
  • Trapped animals are quickly replaced by others from surrounding areas, especially in residential neighborhoods. Waste Management (WM) Customer Serve: 1(800) 772-8653.


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