Below you may find the annual water quality report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), for your neighborhood. The report, released every July for sampling performed the previous calendar year, includes the following information about your drinking water:

  1. Water source
  2. Regulated Contaminant levels
  3. EPA standards for safe contaminant levels
  4. Lead & Copper Sample Information
  5. Chlorine Disinfectant Residual Report

For water testing performed in 2018.
For any questions regarding the CCR (Consumer Confidence Report), please contact the water operator, Jason Cork, at (214) 773-6013.

What is the water source for my neighborhood?

Frisco Ranch & The Preserve Water Source – Pumps draw water from two ground water wells located in Frisco Ranch. These pumps are roughly 1,000 feet down drawing water from the Trinity Aquifer.  

Frisco Hills Water Source – The water is purchased wholesale from the Town of Little Elm. The Town of Little Elm purchases water from North Texas Municipal Water District. The water is drawn from surface water sources including Lake Lavon, Texoma and Cooper.  

For more information on your water, please visit the Water Quality Reports page to view the most recent Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for your neighborhood.  

For water testing performed in 2017

For water testing performed in 2016

For water testing performed in 2015

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New Water Billing System Update
Good Afternoon Neighbors! Over the past few weeks our new water billing system has been rolling out. Just a friendly reminder bills are due on the 20th of the month (as always). If you are on bank drafted payments you do NOT need to do anything else. Some of you have noticed that there is an option to sign up for “reoccurring payments.” This is for credit card payments ONLY. Please do not sign up for this if you are already signed up for Bank drafts because the money will be pulled twice. If you are on Bank Draft but prefer to pay through reoccurring credit card payments, contact our water department. Please be advised, that paying by card will incur a service fee, whereas bank draft payments do not have any service fees associated with them. Also, if you are on bank draft payments and you received an email stating that your bill is due soon, you can disregard it. Bank Draft pulls the money the day the bill is due. If you want to sign up for ACH (Bank Draft) you must fill out the form and being a voided check to the office. As always, you can still pay by check or money order in the by mail, in the drop box (located by the Frisco Ranch Pool), or in person at our temporary office location on 380.
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